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Giving with Gratitude

on 3/27/2019

Young boy with box of toy donations

Giving with Gratitude

Who doesn’t love getting gifts?! Certainly, kids love getting special gifts or treats whether it’s a birthday, the holidays, a trip to the credit union, or a Tuesday at the grocery store. But do your kids realize the importance of giving too?

It’s never too early to teach them that giving to others is equally as gratifying, while instilling the important qualities of compassion and kindness.

Giving comes in many different forms. Giving monetarily, time, or in the form of donating clothing and toys. Spring Cleaning is a great time to give with gratitude. Not only will you find things that may have been missing for some time, but you can help your kids de-clutter and donate clothing and toys that they don’t need or want anymore, all while teaching an important life lesson.

Ways to Donate:

Clean out the closets and donate clothing that they have grown out of. With the rate that children grow, consignment shops and mom-to-mom sales are all over helping parents of all income levels get clothing for their children at reasonable pricing. Another great option is donating to women and children shelters to pass on your gently used clothing to those, who for many reasons, need a helping hand.

Donate toys that are no longer played with or have been outgrown. Same thing as clothing, there are families that would be able to use these toys for their kids but maybe can’t afford to buy them brand new.

Donate time at animal shelters, soup kitchens, or donate food to the local food pantry. This seems like something to do during the holidays or winter but the need is out there all year long. Depending on the age of your child, this might be a nice stepping stone to having a part-time job when they are older or in college. Having a regular “shift” at the animal shelter or soup kitchen will teach responsibility and reliability along with giving their time.

Teaching your child that giving of your time and possessions, not only helps those in our communities who are less fortunate, but it makes you feel good too. Such a small gesture like donating clothes and toys will bring a smile to another kid. Much like the getting in the habit of saving early, helps us save as an adult, learning to regularly donate will continue as an adult and trickle to their kids.



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