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Business Credit Cards

Business MasterCard®

A Credit Card For Any Business

Every business has their own unique financial challenges that need to be handled, and every solution is different. Whether you need to keep better track of expenses or separate your personal finances from your business finances, a business credit card can support the working capital needs of your business. Whether your business has been around forever or you’re looking for a starter business credit card to help get things rolling and build business credit, if your small business needs an easy solution to manage its finances and pay for day-to-day expenses a Genisys Credit Union Business Credit Card is the ideal solution. 

Genisys Credit Union Credit Rewards Mastercard® shownGenisys Credit Union Platinum Mastercard® shown

Our Business Mastercard® allows you to track expenses and spending, boost your business’ purchasing power, and earn rewards towards future purchases. Equipped with our leading credit card security technology to help secure your business’ most sensitive information, and Mastercard® SecureCode™ helps add an additional layer of protection for all online purchases. 

Genisys Business MasterCard® Credit Card Advantages

  • Low interest rate:  low fixed interest rate on purchases made with Business Platinum Credit MasterCard® or selected the Business Rewards Credit MasterCard®
  • Establish (or enhance) your business’ credit: Business credit is a major factor for small businesses, and our Business Mastercard® program allows you to draw a distinct line between your personal finances and the financial health of your small business.
  • Worldwide usability: Wherever your small business takes you, Mastercard® will pay for it all with its worldwide acceptance.
  • Auto rental & travel accident insurance: Auto rental insurance is offered to all business credit card holders, as well as our travel accident insurance to keep you (and your business) safe out on the road.
  • Easy account access:  Business credit card holders have access to our mobile banking application to keep an eye on their finances with the convenience of a smartphone app.

And many more! For more information about our credit card programs, check out our other credit cards or read up on our credit card terms & conditions or our account opening disclosure.

Genisys Business Doubleplay Rewards

  • Earn business credit card rewards just by making purchases with your Genisys Business Rewards Credit MasterCard®
  • Every time you sign for transactions you earn points redeemable for travel, merchandise, gift cards, and much more
  • Earn one point for every $1 you spend by signing for transactions with your Business Rewards Credit MasterCard®
  • Genisys Business Rewards Credit MasterCard® holders are automatically enrolled and it’s FREE
  • Access your Rewards account information and redeem points automatically through Online Banking
  • You can also access your Rewards account information by enrolling at the Genisys Rewards website or by calling 1-888-882-7938

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