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Rewards Debit Card from Genisys and Mastercard®

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Genisys Credit Union Debit Rewards Mastercard card

Genisys Rewards Debit Mastercard®...
Not just any Debit Card.

The Genisys Rewards Debit Mastercard® is the passport to safe, fast checking account or rewards checking accounts access, and the Free Genisys Rewards program. Learn more about our Double Play Rewards Debit & Credit Mastercards.

Genisys Rewards Debit Mastercard® is an excellent benefit and no cost to you. All debit card holders are automatically enrolled in the rewards program and it’s FREE. You will earn rewards just by making signature purchases with your Genisys Rewards Debit Mastercard®, which can be used for things such as travel, merchandise, gift cards and more. Earn one point for every $2 you spend by signing for transactions with your debit card.

Genisys Rewards Debit Mastercard®

In addition to the reward points you earn, purchases with your Genisys Rewards Debit Mastercard® automatically give you the convenience of:

  • Extended Warranty Insurance
    Doubles the time period and duplicates the coverage of original warranty for up to one year.2
  • Mastercard Zero Liability Protection
    Shop with peace of mind knowing you are protected from unauthorized purchases.2
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
    Provides up to $250 per product if you are dissatisfied within 60 days of purchase and the merchant will not accept a return.2
  • Identity Theft Resolution Service
    Provides 24/7 assistance to help report identity theft to credit reporting agencies and handle reporting and canceling lost cards.
  • Contactless Card
    Fast & secure contactless transactions

Shop Securely & Double Your Debit Card Rewards

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Card Controls app icon

Genisys Credit Union Card Controls
Card Controls is a mobile app that gives you control of when and how your debit and credit cards are used. Identify potential fraud, monitor and control spending instantly, and receive lightning fast alerts - all from the palm of your hand. Learn more about Card Controls and the real-time alerts you can set up.

Mastercard Idenity Check logo

Help safeguard your account when shopping online
Mastercard Identity Check is a new way to help secure your account when shopping online. Genisys Credit Union will review your transactions and in some cases require you validate a One Time Passcode or speak with us to verify your identity. Once the data is verified, the merchant will complete your purchase. You can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your purchase was protected with an extra layer of enhanced security with Mastercard Identity Check. Terms and Conditions

Mastercard Click to Pay logo
Mastercard Click to Pay

No passwords. Now that’s smart checkout.
Life moves too fast to pay the old way. Introducing a smarter and more secure way to pay online that makes passwords a thing of the past.

Shop Spot Online logo

Double your debit card reward points when you shop at local merchants.
Use your debit card as Credit or with a PIN and enjoy unlimited FREE transactions at merchants1 while earning rewards points with every signature based purchase. Find out more


Easy Access to Your Cash
When you need cash fast, use your debit card for unlimited transactions at Genisys Credit Union ATM locations. The first six ATM transactions per month at non-Genisys Credit Union owned ATMs are free. A $1.25 per transaction after the first six per month applies.

Genisys is part of the CO-OP Shared Branch network, which means you’re welcome at over 5,600 shared branch locations and nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide. Plus convenient access to ATMs at our Genisys Branch Locations.

Combine Credit & Debit Card Rewards

Genisys Debit Rewards and Credit Rewards Mastercard

Earn Mastercard® DOUBLE PLAY Rewards
just by making purchases with your Genisys Rewards Debit Mastercard®

  • Every time you sign for transactions you earn 1 point for every $2 you spend, redeemable for travel, merchandise, gift cards, and much more
  • Genisys Rewards Debit Mastercard® holders are automatically enrolled and it’s FREE
  • Access your DOUBLE PLAY Rewards account information and redeem points automatically through Online Banking

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Debit Card FAQs

How does a debit card work?

Debit cards are a flexible alternative to credit cards that withdraw the funds directly from your checking account instead of offering a line of credit. While many merchant transactions refer to these purchases as “credit”, the amount of the transaction is taken directly from your checking account instead. You can also use debit cards as ATM cards to get cash back at any Genisys ATM, or to get cash back at a point of sale when making a purchase!

How do I get a Genisys debit card?

Getting a Genisys debit card is easy - all you have to do is become a member! Each Genisys member who opens a checking account or rewards checking account with us is issued our Rewards Debit Mastercard to help you pay for everyday purchases, as well as helping you build up rewards points!

When will I get my debit card after I open a checking account?

Your debit card should arrive in the mail in approximately 7 - 10 business days, and you can rush ship your card for a nominal fee. Many Genisys branch locations also offer instant issue debit cards to take yours home immediately! When waiting for your debit card in the mail, keep an eye out for a separate piece of mail containing your PIN so you can start using your card right away when you get it!

How do I activate my Genisys debit card?

When your Debit Mastercard shows up in the mail, just call 1-800-466-0040 to get it activated and ready to use!

What can I do if I’ve lost my debit card?

If your debit card is lost or stolen, you should contact Genisys as soon as possible via phone at 248-322-9800 ext. 5, email, online chat, or by visiting a Genisys location. Any cards reported as lost or stolen are immediately closed to prevent unauthorized transactions, and a new card will be issued to you as soon as possible. Some Genisys branches also offer instant issue debit cards to get your card the same day!

How does Genisys handle debit card compromises?

If your card has become breached through no fault of your own or Genisys’, all Genisys cards associated with that data breach are reviewed and subjected to further security measures, including reissued cards, restricting certain purchases, and adding fraud detection rules. For more information, visit our Fraud Protection page.

How can I check my debit card balance?

To check the balance of your debit card or checking account, you just have to log into Genisys Online or Mobile Banking, or visit an ATM

How can I get cash from my debit card?

While debit cards are as good as cash at most businesses, if you need to get cash back from your debit card, you simply need to visit a Genisys ATM location. Certain stores will also allow cash withdrawals when you make a purchase as well, but this will vary from store-to-store.

Is there a debit card spending limit?

Genisys Debit Mastercards have a daily spending limit, as well as a daily ATM withdrawal limit. Contact us at 800-521-8440, X5 or visit a branch location to learn more about our specific card limits.


1Merchants include in person, phone, or online retailers.
2Certain restrictions, terms, and conditions apply to these benefits. For full details on these benefits, contact 1-800-MC-ASSIST.


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