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Two Great Credit Card Offers to Choose From

Have you received credit card solicitations in the mail and wondered if you were missing out on a good deal?  Do you sometimes wonder what’s hidden behind all those perks? Do you need more information about our Double Play Rewards Debit & Rewards Credit Mastercards? Read more here!

You have a lot of choices when it comes to credit card offers. It pays to apply for a credit card with someone you can trust.  Apply with Genisys Credit Union.

Genisys Credit Union Credit Rewards Mastercard® shownGenisys Credit Union Platinum Mastercard® shown

Our rewards credit cards are equipped with the latest chip technology for the highest security available. 
Learn more about our credit Card security chip technology.


Card Nav logo Genisys Card Controls!

Card Controls is a mobile app that gives you control of when and how your credit cards are used. Identify potential fraud, monitor and control spending instantly, and receive lightening fast alerts - all from the palm of your hand.

Learn more about Card Controls and the real-time alerts you can set up.


Genisys Rewards Credit Mastercard®

Enjoy the Genisys DOUBLE PLAY Rewards Program

  • Earn Mastercard® DOUBLE PLAY Rewards just by making purchases with your Genisys Rewards Credit Mastercard®
  • Every time you sign for transactions you earn points redeemable for travel, merchandise, gift cards, and much more
  • Earn one point for every $1 you spend by signing for transactions with your Rewards Credit Mastercard®
  • Genisys Rewards Credit Mastercard® holders are automatically enrolled and it’s FREE
  • Access your DOUBLE PLAY Rewards account information and redeem points automatically through Online Banking
  • You can also access your Rewards account information by enrolling at the Genisys DOUBLE PLAY Rewards website or by calling 1-888-882-7938


Genisys Platinum Credit Mastercard®


Genisys Credit Union Secured Mastercard®

  • Take control and build your credit with responsible use
  • Limits available from $500 to $5,000 based on the security deposit you make
  • Can be opened as a Genisys Platinum or Genisys Rewards Mastercard
  • Enjoy the same features and benefits as the non-secured cards
Mastercard Guide to Benefits

No Fee Credit Card Balance Transfer

When you open a Genisys Credit Union credit card you have a great savings tool in your pocket! You can transfer balances from other higher rate credit cards to your Genisys Mastercard and start saving on interest charges. Plus, there is no transfer fee to move balances to our card.

It's easy! Complete an Online Balance Transfer Request in Online Banking. You can find the form under the "Transfers" tab after you sign into Online Banking. If you prefer you can upload a picture of your credit card statement with your smartphone to our credit card balance transfer form, send it to us and we'll do the rest.

Help safeguard your account when shopping online

Mastercard Identity Check is a new way to help secure your account when shopping online. Genisys Credit Union will review your transactions and in some cases need to speak with you to verify your identity. Once the data is verified, the merchant will complete your purchase. You can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your purchase was protected with an extra layer of enhanced security with Mastercard Identity Check.

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