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Small Business Money Market & Deposit Accounts

Even with a small business checking account, it can be tough to know if you’re making the most of the money your small business needs. Open a Savings Certificate or Money Market account for your small business, and we'll make your business’s money work harder for you. You can open a Certificate with as little as $100 with terms from six months to five years. Or, open a High Yield Business Money Market account with a minimum of $2,500. Check out our current credit union rates or contact a Financial Services representative at 800-521-8440, ext. 5 to learn more about our business deposit account options and small business money market account options.


Share Certificate FAQs

What deposit accounts should businesses have?

In addition to business checking accounts, having a savings or deposit account for your business is an optimal way to help maximize your savings and grow your cash reserves. Deposit accounts work similarly to a savings account, in that they help you store your money long-term (as opposed to a checking account, which is more for daily access to your funds), but they have the added benefit of helping grow your savings through interest over a period of time.

Our small business money market & deposit accounts allow you to see a higher rate of return and growth on your savings than you could with other business savings accounts. This can give you a much better savings cushion for when you need it, as well as a much more convenient way of growing your savings while focusing on what really matters - the day-to-day reality of your business.

What is a business money market account?

Business money market accounts are similar to their personal account counterparts, in that they offer a rate of growth set by the current money market rates, allowing you to watch your savings grow over time. Many of these accounts also allow the flexibility of accessing your savings before the maturity date, giving you better access to your money whenever your business needs it.

How do I set up a deposit account for my business?

To open a deposit account for your business, you need to have the minimum deposit ready (as little as $100, in many cases), as well as the necessary paperwork for opening a business bank account, including:

  • Your social security number or employer identification number (EIN)

  • One form of personal identification (a passport or driver’s license)

  • Business license with the name of the business, and the owner’s name(s)

  • Certificate of assumed name/DBA that you’ll be doing business under

  • Articles of Organization from the state your business is registered in

and any other paperwork that may be requested. Once these documents are ready, you can proceed with opening your business deposit account!

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