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Small Business Merchant Processing Services

Genisys Credit Union has partnered with Elavon to deliver the industry’s leading small business merchant payment processing solutions. By combining our banking expertise with Elavon's premier payment processing network, you can enjoy a one-stop solution for all of your banking and payment processing needs.

Choosing the right payment processing partner can be critical to your bottom line, and Elavon clearly delivers the most powerful platform in the industry. If your small business has a payment processing or merchant service need, Genisys Credit Union and Elavon have the solution.

Rely on one source for payment processing:

  • 100% network up-time from Elavon's fully redundant systems
  • High speed transaction processing
  • Built in fraud monitoring and control features

For further small business banking services, visit our small business checking accounts and small business credit card offerings.

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Merchant Processing FAQs

What are merchant services?

Merchant services, put simply, are the tools needed for a business to be able to accept payments from their customers. Primarily used in businesses such as retail and food service, merchant services allow businesses to easily accept payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, and checks. 

The term “merchant” in this case simply refers to your business, whether you operate out of a brick-and-mortar storefront or sell your goods online. Merchant services can include payment processing services, fraud protection, and even a merchant account for depositing cash immediately after it is received at the point of purchase.

How do merchant services work?

Merchant services act as something of a middleman between your business and your financial institution. When your customers make a purchase from your business, your merchant service provider requests payment authorization from the bank your customer uses to pay for their goods, who then approves or denies the transaction. Merchant processing is used along the way to handle all needed communications between your point-of-sale and your customer’s bank, ensuring a smoother transaction and a much faster handling of any needed purchase data.

Do I need a merchant number to use merchant processing services?

Merchant numbers are used to process all types of transactions relating to your business, and are required to access merchant services. Each business is given a unique merchant number when they open a merchant account, and this number will be used during any needed merchant transaction your business encounters. 

How can I get merchant services for my business?

If your business needs a fast, efficient merchant processing solution to handle your customers’ payments, Genisys has the solution. Our merchant services combine our banking expertise with the merchant processing experience of Elavon, a premier payment processing network, to bring you the merchant processing your business needs to better serve your customers.

Contact Genisys today to get started on your new merchant payment solutions.

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To get started with your merchant processing system, visit your local Genisys branch or call a Financial Services Representative at 800-521-8440, ext. 5.


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