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Start the Conversation!

Each month we offer a financial topic to help you Start the Conversation of money and savings with your kids!

Educating children on saving, budgeting and making healthy financial choices for today and the future can be a tough job. Financial education is slowly making its way into our schools, and kids absorb ideas and facts like sponges, so they may already know more than you think.  Get into a conversation, find out what they already know, and then teach them everything else. 

Featured Article:

Teenager smiling and holding a piggy bank


Managing Money Made at the First Job

They grow up fast, right? This is the summer your kid is getting their first job.That first paycheck your teenager earns seems like absolute gold to them. They worked and earned it. Now, it is up to you to teach them how to use that money wisely. Most teens have plans for their first check, and it can be a good thing to let them spend it as they would like to. However, this is also an important time to talk about some key topics regarding managing their money now and in the future. 

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Past Articles:

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Genisys is here to offer you information to help start the conversation and give kids real world examples and scenarios to think about and learn from.

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