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Educating children on saving, budgeting and making healthy financial choices for today and the future can be a tough job. Financial education is slowly making its way into our schools, and kids absorb ideas and facts like sponges, so they may already know more than you think. Get into a conversation, find out what they already know, and then teach them everything else.

Genisys is here to offer you information to help start the conversation and give kids real world examples and scenarios to think about and learn from.

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Parent Corner
Raising a Secure, Unspoiled Child
Authored By: Genisys Credit Union on 1/1/2021

Raising children is a constant balancing act. You want to provide structure and stability, but you also don’t want to run an overly militant household. It’s important to you that you show you care about your child’s whereabouts and choices, but you don’t want to be a helicopter parent. You want your kids to do well in school, but you don’t want to put too much pressure on them.

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Introducing Your Teen to Banking
Authored By: Genisys Credit Union on 12/3/2020

It’s Not the Banking We Learned!

Think back in the day when we learned about writing checks and using a checkbook register… back when debit cards were a new thing. The good ol’ days.

Now you’ve got teenagers and they need to learn the mechanics and responsibility of having a checking account. It’s never too early to begin teaching your kids about money and finance. The knowledge teenagers need about managing their money today is wholly different from the one you may have received when you opened your first account.

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Preparing for a Bundle Without Spending a Bundle
Authored By: Genisys Credit Union on 11/1/2020

Congratulations! There is a baby on the way! You’ve likely heard the statistics on the cost of raising a child and you may be wondering how you’ll afford it all. While you prepare for your little bundle of joy not only emotionally and logistically, make some preparations for the financial side of things too. Here are some pointers on how you can prepare for your baby without breaking the bank.

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High Yield Youth Savings Account

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Give Your Kids a Smart Start – Earn 5.12%APY*

Genisys Credit Union Youth Savings Accounts are structured to encourage and reward saving. Earn an amazing rate of 5.12%APY on balances up to $500. This High Yield Youth Savings Account is available for kids from birth to 18 years old.

More Than a Savings Account

Genisys Credit Union Youth Clubs offer a fun way to learn about money and the importance of saving. Each Youth Club has a full list of age appropriate benefits to guide your child in the right direction financially.

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For members ages
0-6 years old.

View Club Benefits

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For members ages
7-12 years old.

View Club Benefits

money fit logo

For members ages
13-18 years old.

View Club Benefits

Open a Youth Account Today!

*Annual Percentage Yield designated as APY and subject to change at any time. Balances above $500.00 are paid the standard share savings rate.

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