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Michigan Saves Energy Efficiency Loan

Are there updates and improvements that your house could use that would also make it more energy efficient? A great loan for energy efficiency updates is available through the Michigan Saves Loan program.

Genisys Credit Union is a select lender for the Michigan Saves program. This home energy improvement program is different than a home equity loan.  A Michigan Saves Loan acts as an energy efficiency loan and allows you to work with Michigan Saves authorized contractors for energy efficient home renovations. Participating contractors will complete an analysis of your home to determine its energy efficiency and the areas that you may be able to be more energy efficient.  After you've learned how much you can save on your energy bills, the contractor can help you obtain a low interest Michigan Saves Loan through Genisys Credit Union.  Replace old appliances, your furnace, windows, or make other energy efficiency upgrades

  • Low fixed rates
  • Borrow up to $40,000
  • Loan terms up to 180 months
  • Combine with federal tax credit for more savings when available

A Michigan Saves authorized contractor will walk you through the process of applying for the Michigan Saves, energy efficiency loan.

Be sure to mention that you are a Genisys Credit Union member so your loan will stay with your credit union.  If you have any questions in regards to the program, please call an External Lending Representative at 248-322-9800, ext. 1190 or visit the Michigan Saves website at www.michigansaves.org.

FAQs to the most common Michigan Saves Loan concerns

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