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7 Surprise Savings Tricks

on 2/1/2020

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How can I save money?  How can I be financially prepared for an emergency?  Can I get that new iPhone 11 without making payments for 24 months?

Here's the good news -- You can, and it’s easier than you might think!

Here are some creative ways to increase your savings and bring financial stability to your account.  By implementing simple changes and creating new habits, you will be surprised by how much extra cash you can accumulate.  

1.  Save $5 bills 
Try saving every $5 bill for a year!  By choosing the five, it's less of an emotional drawback than having to give up $10 or more.  Choosing $1 bills is good but not as effective, and your mental image of 'saving' may seem like you may never achieve your goals.   

2.  Coin is Valuable
Did you know a daily drop of excess coins into a jar has an average yield of about $300 per year?   

Use the coin opportunity to save for special things like  vacation spending or maybe even  that new iPhone.   Better yet, see your family savings grow by leaving the jar in a common space like the kitchen,  and invite the entire family to help grow their savings!

3.  Weekly Deposit Plan
Weekly savings plans are incredibly beneficial.  Watch your savings grow quickly with the weekly deposit plan.  It's easy to begin and gets more challenging as the year progresses!  Start with week one, by saving $1.00. Week 2, $2.  Week 3, $3 dollars and so on.  It gets a little dicey around the 40th week, but keep going!  Before you know it, you'll have $1,378 extra cash savings!

4.  Round Up your purchases
Try the “round up” method for extra savings in your checking account.  Everyone uses some way to keep track of checking account transactions.  By rounding up each purchase as you track it you'll actually have more money in your checking account than your checking records  show.      

For example, when you pay for groceries using your debit card, and the bill is $87.11 make the deduction in your checking account register for $88.00 and watch your remaining balance grow!  This way, you save AND protect your checking from overdraft!  

5.  Daily Java Jaunt
Okay, here's a difficult one.  For all of you fancy coffee lovers, did you know eliminating that daily jaunt for a “skinny mocha latte, extra whipped topping, hold the caramel”, can save you about $1,500 per year?  Try brewing your favorite java at home, add the whipped topping and there you have it.  Your favorite cup of java for just around $1.00.  

6.  H2O Refill
Refill your water bottle!  Better yet, bring back the 10 cent cans you routinely toss for increased savings. This will make not only your account balance but Grandmother and Mother Earth happy.  

Add the $150 – $300 dollars you will get back into your account!  You're welcome. 

7.  Visit Your Dining Room Table
Cut back on dining out. Make a one-month spending sabbatical and see what happens.  Chart your expenses and create a budget.  You will find eating at the home dining room table gives you a healthier savings balance and waistline.

These aren’t just entertaining thoughts; they are tangible and very real!  Having a savings account established will allow you to live without worrying about what might happen tomorrow.  Pick a couple of these tips, or try them all -- just stick to it!  The rewards will outweigh the effort and your savings account will thank you.


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