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Directo a Mexico

Genisys® Credit Union members have access to a low cost way to transfer U.S. funds from your Genisys® account to a wide range of Mexican banks. The Directo a Mexico program is not a wire transfer, but rather an international Federal Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction.

Directo a Mexico requests require the completion of a Directo a Mexico ACH authorization form which can only be requested in person at any of our 25 Genisys® Credit Union branch locations.

  • All requests received prior to 3:00 pm EST should post to the specified Mexican bank account by 3:30 pm EST the following business day.
  • Maximum transfers are limited to a total of $500 per week.
  • All Directo a Mexico transactions are subject to the current fee listed on the Genisys® Credit Union fee schedule.
  • Funds are withdrawn from your Genisys account at time of request.
  • The exchange rate is determined by the Federal ACH International Exchange Rate in effect on the day of settlement. Exchange rates can be found on the Federal Reserve Financial Services Web site.
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