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Express Web Connect Details

Quicken Update: Express Web Connect is working.



Q. If I use other applications that I have shared my Genisys Online Banking User ID and password with to retrieve my account information how am I impacted by the new mobile and online banking system?

At this time, the connection between your Genisys accounts and any third party applications such as Mint®, Quicken®, or other third party vendors will work differently. The implementation of a one time PIN code in place of member selected questions with our online and mobile banking conversion does impact these third-party applications.

For Quicken®, Mint®, and others you will need to provide the one time PIN code during the initial set-up of your account and for each subsequent account refresh. These third-party systems will be unable to update your balances without a one time PIN code being entered. We understand that this member experience needs to be improved. We are working with our third-party partners on a better overall user experience.



During the first time account set-up, the product will prompt you for a PIN validation code twice. Please follow the tips below to connect your account and download transactions.

  • 1st time selecting PIN validation option and entering PIN, the code will extract ACCOUNTS from the website.
  • 2nd time selecting PIN validation option and entering PIN, the code will extract TRANSACTIONS from the website.
  • In future refresh request, you will be prompted only one time as expected.



► Mobile or Voice Call option selected:
You will be prompted to, "Please enter the PIN Code" twice during Mobile One-Time PIN authentication if the phone number selected shows more than one in the list of choices.  See example below:

Genisys Account Access Screen



► Text message to a mobile phone:
If setting up for the first time, AND the same number is listed twice like below, the member will enter one PIN twice, request another PIN and enter it twice.

Account Access Screen with Phone Numbers


PIN Request screen



► Email Selection:
If the email option is selected, you will be prompted to "Please enter the PIN Code".  You must selecte the email again, and you will then be prompted again to " Please enter the PIN code". 

  • Please note only one email choice is present so this is only entered once per screen, for a total of twice.
  • Be sure to enter the first code you receive first and then enter the second code for the second prompt. 



If you have additional questions please contact us at 248-322-9800 or 800-521-8440, x5


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