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Data Encryption/SSL

Information (including your password) you submit through our website and our home banking product is protected by SSL (secure sockets layer), which is of the strongest encryption technology commercially available. Genisys SSL is supplied by VeriSign Inc., through a VeriSign certificate.

In a nutshell, SSL allows a secure connection between your web browser and a web server. This secure information ´tunnel´ was developed by Netscape Communications and was based on encryption algorithms developed by RSA Security. This means that if someone were eavesdropping, they would not be able to read the data. SSL is being widely adopted by numerous companies for other client/server uses other than web surfing.

When you come across a web page that is secured, your browser will likely display a ´closed lock´ or other symbol to inform you that SSL has been enabled. The web site address should also now start with "https://" rather than the usual "http://".

Please click on the VeriSign Inc. icon to review Genisys® Credit Union’s Secure Site information.

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          Genisys Credit Union Data Encryption
Genisys® Home Banking

For maximum security, Genisys recommends the following browsers with 128-Bit encryption be used when accessing our products.

  • America Online 6.x or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x or higher
  • Netscape Navigator 6.x or higher
  • FireFox 1.x or higher
  • Safari 1.2 or higher
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