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Creative, Low Cost Gifts from the Kids

on 10/16/2018
Are your kids at the age where they want to give, as well as receive gifts this Holiday Season? As the Holidays approach, now is a great time to find a way to channel some of their creativity and create heartfelt gifts for their friends and family, all while staying on a budget.

Here are a few ideas to get them started before the Holidays are in full swing.

Homemade Cards
A card goes a long way for Grandma or Great Uncle Frank, but it will also go a long way with their teachers and friends. Break out the scrapbook supplies, scissors and glue. Ask them to identify a hobby they enjoy and for the mere cost of a magazine or newspaper, they can cut and paste some of their favorite photos and use them in their card with a funny message. You can even recycle and reuse from your public library.  Libraries usually discard periodicals weekly; ask them when they recycle their periodicals and if you can take some off their hands.

Sweet Treats
Baking desserts for your child to take to school or to a holiday party might rest more on you and your baking prowess. Cakes, cookies and cupcakes are staples that never go out of style, so use these timeless classics and let your child add their personality to the process. Imagine using their old action figures and use them as toppers for cakes or cupcakes. You can also consider buying a pack of toys showcasing your child's interests and using them. It doesn't have to be pricey and their friends will love the value added to their favorite dessert.

Yep, you read that right!  As an homage to the 1980s, bring back the days of the "mixtape" as you select songs that your kids love to sing or dance to. While making an actual “tape” won’t be as you remember from back in the day, a mix playlist, would be perfect. It can be fun or silly or even serious, but it's not expensive and might possibly not cost your son or daughter a thing if it's done via a music service you're already subscribed to.

Photo Gifts
With hard copy photos now a thing of nostalgia, a nice framed picture with a creative design would be a unique gift with a very reasonable price tag. Most services now allow digital photos to be uploaded directly from a mobile device and printed for less than a dollar, as long as it’s a standard size.  Then find a simple and inexpensive frame at the dollar store to add some flair to with glitter, markers, or elements from nature. The possibilities are endless!

Whatever option your child decides on, you're sure to have fun doing it together. And since the holidays are the perfect time to foster good cheer, it's a perfect opportunity to get creative while still imparting some fiscal responsibility with your child.




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