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How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

on 5/18/2022

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A few years ago, working remotely wasn’t something many people even considered as an option. Fast forward to today and many workers are quickly finding it quite common. As businesses continue to realize remote work helps boost their bottom lines, working from home may soon be the norm. 

However, as appealing as working from home may be, many people experience initial productivity issues. After all, your home is full of many distractions, including family members, roommates, pets, and TV, to name a few. So how do you enjoy the comfort and ease of working from home, yet increase your productivity levels to those when you’re in an office?

Incorporate the following tips into your routine to ensure you’re staying productive while working remote.

Set Up Your Workspace Strategically.  

It’s important you set up a room or space in your home specifically as your work area. You’re more likely to keep to your workday routine if you have a designated space that feels like an office and is used solely for work. Plus, if you have your own work area, it’s easier to eliminate the many distractions of the household.

Keep Your Work Routine. 

Most people have a workday routine, such as getting up, having a cup of coffee, working out, and showering. Be sure to continue these habits even when working from home. Doing so will help get your mind and body ready for the workday.  

Remove Digital Distractions. 

It can be easy to become distracted while working at home, especially if you don’t have coworkers or a boss nearby to monitor your workday. Removing digital distractions is a must if you want to stay productive and keep on working remotely. Consider the following suggestions:

  • Turn off social media notifications or put your phone on silent

  • Keep TVs in your area off during business hours

  • Close all tabs open on your computer that are not related to work

Try to keep any digital distractions to a minimum just as you would if you were in an actual office. 

Split Your Computer. 

If you only have one computer, it can be difficult to separate personal files and activities from working ones. An easy way to fix this is to split your sign-on and/or browser configurations. Create two profiles, one for work and one for personal. Then, when you “log in” on your work profile, you won’t have easy access to your personal files or programs. 

Take Breaks as You Would at an Office.  

Since you are no longer in an office environment, it’s very easy to continue to work all day without a break. After all, you won’t have fellow co-workers around to encourage you to take breaks. So, be sure to break during the day as you would at the office. Instead of chatting with anyone, you could take a short walk or even throw in a load of laundry.

Don’t forget to also take lunch breaks. When you decide to have lunch, be sure to leave your office area and eat your lunch in a separate room. This tactic will keep you from working while eating, and also helps alleviate burnout.   

When It’s Time to Stop Working, Stop. 

While working at home is convenient, it’s also very easy to lose track of time and add extra hours to your workday. Yes, there may be times you need to put in extra hours for a big project but be sure you’re not consistently adding additional work to your day. Doing so can quickly cause burnout and animosity towards your job. It’s important to maintain your work-life balance.

Creating Your Work Environment

If you’re looking to set up your workspace in your house, a personal loan from the credit union is a great option for home office expenses. Unlike credit cards, a personal loan has the benefit of set payments and a payoff date - so you know exactly when the loan will be repaid. Plus, with a set loan amount, a personal loan can keep you within your budget as you create your perfect work environment. 

We’re Here to Help!

Getting accustomed to a new remote work environment may take some time. However, by designating a specific work area in your home and mirroring it to your previous office environment, you’re more likely to keep your productivity levels up. 

If you’re looking for a personal loan to create your perfect work environment, we’re ready to help. Please stop by any of our convenient branch locations or call 248-322-9800 extension 5 to get started today.


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