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FAQ EMV Chip Card Security

What are chip cards?
A chip card is like the card you have today, but includes an embedded microchip. The chip contains information that is encrypted making it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited. Your chip card will also have the usual magnetic stripe on the back so that you can continue using your card while merchants are transitioning to new chip-enabled terminals.

What are the benefits of chip technology?
The embedded microchip provides strong transaction security features and other application capabilities not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. A chip card is virtually impossible to counterfeit providing you with extra protection.

How does a chip card work?
The magnetic stripe on the back of the card can be swiped as you do today. If a retailer has a chip-enabled terminal, you can make purchases by inserting your chip card face-up in the terminal and providing your signature to complete the purchase. In some cases a PIN may be requested; you will need to communicate to the merchant that your card requires a signature only.

How do I use my chip card?

It's simple – just insert the chip portion of the card into the merchant terminal with the chip facing up, leave the card in the merchant terminal until the transaction is complete, follow the prompts, and provide your signature if requested.

Where can I use my chip card?
Use your chip card at the exact same merchants you do now by inserting the card into terminals that are chip-enabled or swiping your card at merchant locations that have not yet switched to chip-enabled terminals. You can also continue to use your card as you did before for online payments, telephone payments, and at ATMs.

Are chip cards secure?
Chip cards are very secure. The chip makes the credit card extremely difficult to copy or counterfeit. Plus, you can have confidence in the protection and security features we provide for all credit card accounts, whether you use a chip card or traditional credit card with a magnetic stripe. Should you notice any suspicious activity on your account, please notify us immediately.

How is this card different from a magnetic stripe card?
A chip card looks just like a traditional card with an embedded chip in addition to the standard magnetic stripe on the back of the card. Rather than swiping your card, you will insert your chip card into the terminal to complete the transaction.

Why is my card being upgraded to a chip card?

Chip technology is already used in other countries and is now coming to the U.S. Your new chip card provides an extra level of security and is accepted at more international locations.

What information is stored on the chip?
The embedded chip stores information required to authenticate, authorize, and process transactions. This is the same type of information that is stored today on the magnetic stripe. No personal information about your account is stored on the chip.

Can I still use my card at merchants that don't have a chip-enabled terminal yet?
In addition to the embedded chip that provides an added layer of security at chip-enabled terminals, your Card will also continue to have the traditional magnetic stripe on the back, enabling you to use it at merchants who do not yet have a chip-enabled terminal.

Now that I have a chip card, should I continue to notify Genisys before I travel internationally?
We recommend that you set a travel notice on any credit card(s) you plan to use while traveling so your card access isn't interrupted.

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