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Best Times To Buy in 2018

on 12/6/2017

Man buying new outdoor equipment


When you’re mulling over a major purchase, the right price can often tip the scales.

If you’re patient,  willing to research, and time your buys just right, you can save quite a bit of green.

Here are the best things to buy during each month throughout the year!


January:  Give the pocketbook a break

After a whirlwind of holiday shopping, parties, and traveling; January tends to be a quiet month. Many of us are trying to get our budgets back in order  and turning our focus to New Year resolutions.  Other than discounted holiday decor and picked over retail shelves, there isn’t a category of goods  that typically offer shoppers significant discounts in January. 

February:  Prepare for winter

Toward the end of winter (we hope…) take stock of your existing cold weather gear. If you’ve got a coat that’s seen its final winter, February is a great time to replace it. Retailers are looking to clear out the last of the season’s merchandise to make room for spring clothes, so you can snag a deal on thermal clothes. You can also find a bargain on heaters and humidifiers to make your house more comfortable next winter.

March:  Get in shape

If you’re looking to reboot your New Year’s weight loss resolution, March is a great time to pick up exercise equipment at a discount. Treadmills and elliptical machines are past their peak buying time, so retailers are looking to get rid of them. Sports equipment, like golf clubs and athletic wear, are also facing deep discounts.

April:  Tech out!

Fiscal year ends in March for Japanese manufacturers.  They are typically ready to roll out new product lines. If you’re OK with being a year behind the latest and greatest, you can pick up a fully functional digital camera, laptop computer or big-screen TV in April. Tax refund-themed sales may also make it cheaper to upgrade your technological goods.

May:  Around the house

Now that the weather’s getting nicer, many home improvement shops will begin running sales on tools and other supplies. It’s also graduation time, which means dorm-stocking essentials will get some discounts. Check out basic pots, pans and cooking appliances in May.

June:  Think thrifty

Everyone’s had a chance to get their spring cleaning done. That means thrift stores are stuffed with donated second-hand goods. Be on the lookout for bargains of all sorts, but especially for used furniture and clothes.

July:  School supplies

The end of July marks back-to-school time, which means this is the month retailers start to gear up for school shopping. Look for promotions, like tax-free days, if you’re in the market for a computer or laptop. Otherwise, you can stock up on pens, paper and other standard office essentials.

August:  Beat the heat

If you’ve managed through the heat of the summer with a broken down AC, August may provide some much-needed relief. Major appliance retailers are looking to shift their inventories from cooling to heating. Look for discounts on window AC units, dehumidifiers and other cool appliances.

September:  Big-ticket

The new models of most major appliances start to roll out in October and November, making September an excellent time to grab last year’s model. If you need a new dishwasher or refrigerator, try to hold out until September.  Remember to catch those Labor Day sales!

October:  Cars and cruises

The new model year begins for many cars toward the end of summer, so there are a lot of leftovers from the previous year that need to go. Dealers are desperate to move inventory, so you can get a good price on the unsold previous year’s models. October is also a quiet season for cruise lines, so many of them run specials and sales during the month.

November:  Game on

Christmas season is in high gear, and major retailers are competing for gamer bucks. Expect to see the best bundles with the hottest games for the lowest prices in November. Whether you’re trying to surprise a gamer in your life or just get the newest games for yourself, November is the time to buy.

December:  Cheers!

In a paradox of economics, champagne demand is very high, so the price goes down. Champagne companies are competing for the New Year’s crowd. If you’ve got a major event coming up, like a wedding or anniversary, December can be a great time to stock up on bubbly.

Depending on what you have on your major purchase list, you may have some time to save up and research your purchase to be prepared and take advantage of that great deal.  You can start up a You Name It Savings Account at Genisys to earn interest while you save!

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