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Electric Vehicle Financing

woman standing near electric car charging

Help improve the environment by driving a vehicle that increases fuel efficiency, reduces harmful emissions, and cuts fuel costs.

Genisys Credit Union offers its low rate, flexible term new and used auto loans on:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Electric Hybrid Vehicles

  Financing Bonus

A Genisys Electric vehicle loan can include the costs related to charging stations. A home charging station can make owning an electric vehicle a convenient experience. There are a variety of charging station costs that you may incur, some adding a significant cost to the vehicle purchase.

If you need any of these additional setups, just add them to your Auto Loan to make them more affordable:

graphic icon of level 2 charger

Level 2 Chargers

  • Connect to a four-prong, 240-volt outlet, like the one that powers your clothes dryer
  • Charging can be hardwired, which requires a charging station with a conduit, instead of a plug
  • One hour of Level 2 charging provides up to 30 miles of range, depending on the vehicle model
graphic icon of electrical panel

Panel Upgrades

  • Some homes may have a tough time keeping up with this additional demand for electricity and may need to be upgraded to accommodate the additional electric load.
  • 60 amp to 100 amp $1,200-$2,000
  • 100 amp to 200 amp $1,500 to 2,300
graphic icon of electrical subpanel


  • If your main service panel does not have enough room to add another circuit (for your EV charging station), you may need to add a sub-panel. This will provide new space for your new EV charging circuit in a different location.
  • $300 - $500
graphic icon of underground trenching of wire

Underground Trenching

  • If you have a detached garage and wish to install your EV charging station in your garage, you may have to run wiring from your house to your garage; this wiring will likely need to be buried and could increase your installation costs. Consider mounting your charging station in another location to save money. Contact a Level 2 charging station installer for an estimate prior to moving forward.
  • $10 to $40 per foot
couple shopping for electric vehicle at dealership

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