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Genisys Card Controls

Increased card protection is here!

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Card Controls is a mobile app that gives you control of when and how your cards are used.

Identify potential fraud, monitor and control spending instantly, and receive lightning fast alerts - all from the palm of your hand.

Register your Genisys credit and debit cards. Once registered, set the controls and alerts listed below.

Card Controls lets you control your card with:

  • On/Off -  Turn any card on, off, and back on again.
  • Location limits -  Set GPS location limits to define where the card can be used, blocking out-of-area use attempts.
  • Transactions and merchant-type preferences provide enhanced spending oversight.
  • Threshold settings adjust spending limits in real time.
  • In-application notifications provide card activity alerts in near real-time
  • Location alerts advise when card usage attempts conflict with selected preferences
  • Usage alerts let you know an unapproved transaction or merchant type is attempted
  • Limit alerts warn you when transactions exceed thresholds
  • Touch ID and Passcode allow for quick card access.

Watch the
Card Controls Demo Video to see how to control your cards.

Find and download Card Controls from:

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