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Wealth Warriors Club
for members ages 7-11.

A fun way to learn about money and the importance of saving. Check out our monthly featured article below to for fun facts and tips on all things money! 


Boy and Girl holding money at a table
Value of a Dollar
: Have you ever thought about why money is worth anything? It's just paper and ink or a small piece of stamped metal, but we use it to buy food, a movie ticket, clothes, cars - just about everything....Read More.

Girl putting coins in jarStart Your Savings: It's okay if you don't have a lot of money to save, you can open a Youth Certifiacte for as little as $10.  Then you can add to your account at any time with money given to you from birthdays, your parents, or an allowance.  See how quickly just a few dollars can grow over time.. Read More.


Kid with money

Money Facts: Did you know that contrary to popular belief, the automobile pictured on the back of the $10 note is not a Model "T" Ford. It is merely a creation of the designer of the bill?  Find out more money facts...Read More.


Money hanging on clothes line

How is Money Made?-  The production of U.S. currency is not an easy or simple task, but one that involves highly trained and skilled craftspeople, and requires numerous steps in the production process...Read More



Money Fit logo


                                            Money Fit Club
             for members ages 12-16.


Tools to guide you in the right direction financially by providing answers to your questions and assisting you in managing your money. Check out our monthly featured article below for tips on saving money and budgeting for your first BIG purchases.


Group of High School StudentsCost of College for Students:  There are many factors to weigh when choosing a college, with cost being just one of the many considerations. The good news is there are plenty of resources to help you understand the true cost of college and how to think about planning your college budget... Read More


Group of teens holding money
Power of Dividends: One of the best ways you can grow your savings is to start as early as possible. That's because of the power of dividends, or “the miracle of compounding.”...Read More


Teen writing in check book

Understanding a Check:  Even though the majority of financial transactions are electronic, understanding a check is still necessary.  To find out what you need to know.... Read More



Teens with piggy bank

6 Ways to Rev Up Your Savings - Simple strategies for gradually building small savings into large sums, even during your school years....Read More




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