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                       The Moola Moola Club
  is designed for members ages 0-6.



A fun way to learn about money and the importance of saving.  A youth club certificate must be opened to take advantage of the Moola Moola Club.

Youth Club Certificate

  • Term: 3 Years
  • Balance: Open with a minimum of $10
  • Features: Add-on deposits allowed
  • Rate: Same as our current 3 year Certificate rate
  • Dividends computed daily, paid & compounded quarterly

Moola Moola Club Account Benefits:

  • Account Opening Gift
  • Pick a Treasure Chest prize when you visit a branch and make a deposit
  • eAllowance - Have your allowance directly deposited into your account
  • Parents have easy access through online banking and quarterly estatements
  • FREE FamilyMint Online money-management tool



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