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How does Genisys handle Credit & Debit Card Security Compromises?

Genisys Credit Union maintains high standards of security for our credit and debit card systems. However, there are times that your card information could become compromised due to a system breach at a merchant due to no fault of your own or Genisys. We wish to share with you the actions we take in these situations so that you are prepared in the event this ever happens to you. 

When Genisys is notified that a merchant compromise has occurred, all Genisys issued cards associated with that compromise are reviewed and subject to additional security measures. Working together with industry experts and our card processor, Genisys employs all methods of fraud detection available.

When the breach has been shown to already have fraudulent activity, Genisys will generally reissue all cards to provide the best protection possible. Other steps could include reducing daily spending limits, restricting certain purchases, and adding fraud monitoring detection rules. We find that a multi-layer approach provides the best protection for our members and we continually perfect and update our approach to target the risks of each specific merchant compromise.

We know that this can be an inconvenience should this ever occur to you. Genisys will work to protect your accounts and reduce inconvenience as much as possible. And remember, all Genisys issued credit and debit cards provide Zero Liability coverage* to provide additional protection against unauthorized purchases.

*Refer to your card disclosure for further information.

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How does Genisys handle Credit & Debit Card Security Compromises? Free credit report from Genisys

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