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While You’re Home, Spend Your Time Productively

on 3/25/2020

Woman sitting in her living room after doing yoga

While COVID-19 is keeping us at home, we have the time to do some things that have been on our endless “to do” or “want to do” list. While it may, at first, sound like a dream come true, sitting at home in your PJs, binge-watching a new TV series while eating your way through gallons of ice cream, it can get old rather quickly.

Until we are given the all clear to get back to normal activities, be proactive about spending your time productively. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Learn a new language.

Why not use the extra time at home to learn a second or third language? There are many free language apps, like Duolingo, that make mastering a new language almost effortless.

Call an old friend. 

Socializing in person may be out, but the old-fashioned phone still works just fine. A leisurely chat with an old friend can be a wonderful way to pass the time.

Get fit. 

The gyms are closed, but an at-home workout can burn all those calories just as well. There are many exercises you can do without any equipment, like lunges, squats, planks, sit-ups and more.  If you’re missing the support and camaraderie you get from your exercise classes at the gym, find out from your favorite instructor if your regular class has gone virtual. You can also FaceTime with a friend to keep that accountability going and workout together.

Rekindle an old hobby. 

It’s time to dust off that guitar or pull out the modeling wood and pick up the hobbies you never have time for during your busy working schedule. To keep yourself focused, commit to completing a specific project or reaching a goal while you wait out the outbreak at home.

Tend to those neglected household repairs and chores you’ve been putting off all winter. 

Why not use this time to get stuff done around the house? Especially if you have all the supplies already. Touch up the wall paint, finish the basement remodeling project, or start your spring yard clean up.    


After getting the yard spring ready, move back inside and start on the closets. You can make piles for throwaways, giveaways and keepers. Give your cleared-out closets and drawers a thorough scrubbing while you’re at it. There’s no better time to freshen up the house than springtime!

Review your budget. 

Budgets tend to need frequent adjusting. Use the spare time you have now to review your monthly spending of the past few months to see if your budget needs tweaking. Our friends at Greenpath have a budgeting worksheet that is very helpful.

File your taxes. 

The government has postponed the deadline for paying tax bills, but tax returns still need to be filed by April 15 unless an extension is requested. Filing taxes is nobody’s idea of a good time, but taking care of this necessary chore will make you glad that you did when this is all over.

Keep stress levels down. 

Staying cooped up inside when a pandemic is sweeping through the world can really spike up stress levels. Keep calm by ensuring you’re getting enough sleep and minimizing stress triggers as much as possible. This can mean limiting the amount of times you check the news and/or practicing yoga and meditation. Apps like Headspace can help you achieve complete mindfulness to further reduce stress levels.

We wish you and your loved ones continued health and safety as we navigate this challenging time together. And remember to reach out to us, if we can help you financially in any way.


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