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Request for Charitable Contribution

Genisys Credit Union is very committed and extremely proud of our local support to our communities. Each year we sponsor hundreds of community events with thousands of community service hours provided by our Credit Union staff and family members. If you would like Genisys Credit Union to consider sponsorship of an event, please submit a charitable request form by December 1st of the year prior to the event.

Contact Information

* Required Field
* Organization Name
  Tax Identification Number
* Primary Contact
* Title
* Phone Number() - ext
* E-mail Address
* Web Address with Event Link
  Fax Number() -
* Address
* City
* State
* Zip
* What is your organization's purpose?
* What are the demographics of your target market (age, income, residence, etc.)?
  * Has Genisys donated to your organization in the past?

  Previous Donation(s)

Charitable Request Information

* Event Name
* Event Date
* Event Location
  Event start time:
  Event end time:
* Amount Requested
* Date Donation Needed By / / (mm/dd/yyyy)
* Number of Persons Impacted
  Additional Sponsors
* Briefly describe the activity or project for which you are requesting a contribution.
* Are there any non-monetary support opportunities associated with this request?
* If Genisys supports your project, how will you measure its effectiveness and follow up with us regarding results?
* What is the publicity plan for this project, and how will Genisys be included?
* In what ways other than media will Genisys be recognized?

About Your Organization

  Are there volunteer opportunities within your organization?

  Volunteer Opportunities

Please indicate by percentage how funds are allocated:

* Community Programs/Support
* Fundraising
* Future Resources
* Administrative

Additional Documentation

  Sponsorship Document 1
  Sponsorship Document 2
  Sponsorship Document 3

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