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Payment Reset Form

Genisys Credit Union offers a Payment Reset option on automobile loans.  You may qualify for the Payment Reset if you meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Your credit score has improved since the origination of the loan and you now qualify for a current lower rate.
  2. The current loan interest rates are now lower than the rate that was in effect at the time of loan origination.
  3. Your original loan term was 36-72 months and you wish to extend the term an additional twelve (12) months to lower your current payment.
  4. Additional qualifications for the Payment Reset Option include:  
          a.    six monthly on-time payments
          b.    no prior delinquent payments of 30+ days during the term of the loan

Payment Reset offers may be revoked at any time.   A new credit report, score and vehicle valuation will be required to ensure the borrower meets the qualifications at the time of the refinance.  GAP coverage may be affected if a Payment Reset is used.


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    • This Loan Payment Reset option is only valid for current Genisys Credit Union auto loans.

    • I would like to take advantage of the one-time Loan Payment Reset option to lower my current payment on my Genisys Credit Union auto loan by:

    • Select all that apply:

    • Apply for an interest rate reduction due to:

    • Please note once your request has been submitted a Genisys Credit Union loan representative will contact you to ensure you qualify for the payment reset.

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