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Unified Communities to Join with Genisys to Ensure a Strong Future for Our Members.

On November 12, 2021, Unified Communities Federal Credit Union announced that it will be joining forces with Genisys Credit Union. This is GREAT news for credit union members and employees of both Unified Communities and Genisys.

The combination will result in a larger, financially strong credit union with total assets in excess of $4 billion. Genisys has consistently received the highest 5-Star rating for safety and soundness from Bauer Financial for over 78 consecutive quarters. The combination of these two credit unions will provide even more security and resources for our members.

With the completion of this merger, Genisys Credit Union will now have a total of 33 branches. There will be no impact on the branches, online and mobile banking, or other Genisys services that you use.

When Will This Combination Be Final?

Some additional regulatory requirements must be met before this combination is finalized in 2022. Beginning in the first quarter of 2022, preparations will begin to slowly combine the operations over a period of several months.

We will continue to update this site as information becomes available so check back frequently.

FAQs for Genisys Members

Where do I go for more information?

We will be posting information on our website as it becomes available. Please check back often for the latest updates.

Why is Unified Communities Federal Credit Union merging with Genisys Credit Union?

The credit union and financial industry is becoming increasingly competitive and consolidated. The partnership with Genisys is a proactive step that allows our two institutions to capitalize on the strengths, and resources of both Credit Unions and position us to meet the current and future needs of all members.

Is the decision to merge final?

Not yet. Following lengthy and deliberate fact-finding and due diligence, the partnership was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors from each Credit Union. Some additional regulatory requirements must be met before the merger is finalized in 2022.

Will Genisys members vote on the combination with Unified Communities?

No. With Genisys Credit Union being the continuing entity, only Unified Communities Federal Credit Union members will be asked to vote to approve the merger.

I am a member of both Unified Communities Federal Credit Union and Genisys Credit Union. Can I combine my accounts? Can I keep them separate if I wish to do so?

You may maintain separate accounts. However, if you wish to combine them you may do so once the computer systems are combined in 2022.

Will I notice a change in my Genisys account or branches?

No. The same great products and member service you have come to know and expect will remain the same. Unified Communities will eventually transition to the Genisys systems and products with no impact on your existing accounts.

Is my money still safe?

Yes. Your funds continue to be federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.

Is the CEO or Genisys Board of Directors changing?

No. The President and CEO of Genisys Credit Union, Jackie Buchanan, will remain in her position as well as the entire Board of Directors.

Merger Questions

If you have questions we would love to hear from you. Please complete the Merger Questions contact form below.

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